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Serving In Haiti
May 24, 2011
Community: Mariani

We have arrived!

by Team | May 24, 2011 6:37 PM

We have made it safe and sound to Haiti and have settled into the church / school at Cote Plage where our team will be lodging this week. We arrived to our home base just in time for an amazing Haitian dinner, creole chicken, plantain, rice, & beans. Our travel from the airport to Carrefour, a suburb of Port Au Prince, was definitely eye opening and we have been moved by what we've seen here so far and are very excited to begin working to further God's Kingdom here in Haiti this week! Please pray for us as we will begin ministry at two locations early tomorrow morning where we will be building a church / school and home, but more importantly we will be building relationships in Christ with children and our Haitian brothers and sisters in these communities. We will have some pictures up tomorrow as well!

God is our refuge & strength

by Team | May 25, 2011 5:58 PM

Today was our first full day of work in Haiti...we were amazed at how God worked through our team both in how much progress was made at the work sites, but also how he used us to shine His light into the communities we served. Part of our team continued the work at the Mariani church / school building and part worked to construct a new house for Deacon Pierre and his family in Gressier. It was hot, humid, strenuous work, but a lot of fun and God was definitely glorified through it all. We were also blessed by the many children in both communities today and we are looking forward to continuing to spend time and love these beautiful Haitian kids throughout the week while we work. Tomorrow we will begin our day at both work sites and after lunch we plan to spend time at a local orphanage. Please continue to pray for our team; we are so excited about what God is doing on this trip so far!
God is our refuge & strength

Work hard, Play hard

by Team | May 26, 2011 7:10 PM

Today our team was once again very productive at both work sites. The group serving at Mariani has already poured two concrete columns, an exterior concrete belt, and moved a lot of block and dirt. The children in this community are such a joy and we are continuously blessed by the time we spend with these kids in between work. The other part of our team serving at Deacon Pierre’s house in Gressier has had an amazing couple of days as well. Today we poured a concrete belt on top of the rock foundation that was laid yesterday and we are digging out more trenches for additional foundation. Pierre’s wife and children have been so gracious to our team and we have loved taking time to get to know this family as we all work together to construct their new home. This afternoon we spent time at a local orphanage in Carrefour. The children gave us more energy than we thought we had after a long day of work; we played a lot of games, a lot of sports, sang songs, memorized bible verses, and simply put…loved! We are excited for our day tomorrow; we’ll be spending time in two elementary schools in the morning and continuing our work in the Haitian sun throughout the rest of the day…thank you for your prayers!
Work hard, Play hard

Armor of God

by Team | May 27, 2011 5:36 PM

We had another great day of ministry in Haiti. Today began with school ministry in two elementary schools, both in the communities of Gressier and Mariani where we have been serving all week. Our time with the kids in the classrooms involved crafts, songs, and skits all centered on the armor of God. Then we were back at it as we worked through the heat of today at the Mariani site & Deacon Pierre's house where once again a lot was accomplished for God's glory!
Armor of God

Team Mariani

by Team | May 27, 2011 5:38 PM

Today's crew that completed more section of wall at the new church / school at Mariani...
Team Mariani

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Amanda What-Is-Up-Ski!!?!

May 26, 2011 9:47 AM

Hey-yo, my brothas and sistas!!! Amanda, here from the PPM Duluth office giving a shout out to Rosanne, Marci, Melody, and FPC of Houston! Hope all is going well in Haiti and everyone is having a great and encouraging time! How awesome to have eager and willing hearts stepping out of their comfort zones to spread the word and love of God in places away from home! I pray everyone experiences God's presence and his powerful grace on the trip and returns with stories of how God touched people, communities, and the team in remarkable ways. Thank you everyone for being so passionate for Christ and sharing the desire to serve God's Kingdom. :) Remember to have fun, make new friends, encourage each other, and to never take a moment for granted! Adios! "Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God" — William Carey

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