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PPM365 Jamaica

PPM365 is a continuous effort to build up, encourage, and assist the local Church 365 days a year

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It Has Been Way Too Long

by Cathy Kirk | June 2, 2023

We met with Pastor Jerome Francis for the first time since before covid.  It was so lovely to sit down to chat about life and teams. He has been working hard to reach out to the community of Spicy Hill, where he serves an amazing congregation of some of the sweetest and most loving people we have ever met.  

It is an understatement to say they are excited to have a team returning to help with much-needed projects.  Pastor Francis was so excited to let us know he plans to serve alongside the team every chance he gets during the upcoming trip.  What a fantastic 365 partner we have in Pastor Francis.  

It Has Been Way Too Long

Taking Time To Catch Up

by Cathy Kirk | June 1, 2023

Today, we met with Pastor Earle to catch up on life and chat about a team coming to serve alongside him on Saturday.  As we shared about the teams lives, and struggles and how excited they are to return.  He shared with us that the church members have been meeting during the hours of 12:00 am - 3:00 am each night to pray over the community, church members, and mission teams during the dark hours at night when things hit the hardest.  This is one of the reasons we love this man and the partnership he has with PPM.  He thinks about, prays for, and cares for his community, his family, and his mission teams so well.  His partnership is a true blessing from God.

Taking Time To Catch Up

Visit with Pastor Hines

by Fitzroy Fowler | May 25, 2023

Had a wonderful visit with Pastor Hines today he was working as always as they are doing an addition to their house we he stepped away from that for a minute that we could talk as we talk about the 365 program and how he was doing he told me that he's doing well his family is doing well also he loves that he get to go on a respite with his wife as it was well needed whenever he is not somewhere resting like you went to the hotel the other day he would be working and he realized how much he needed that time of rest he wished that it was longer however he was happy to come back to continue the work that he has to do he came back from that respite on Saturday he went back to church Sunday and then it begins again he was happy for the assistant that he gets from PPM for the respite that he enjoy with his wife he said when he comes back his daughter gave him a letter just encouraging him and also telling him that he needs to remember the reason why he is here because he has been working so hard and sometime neglect the things that he normally does like doing a tent meeting in different areas so he says that he want to do that this year to reach at least a hundred people for Christ that's the goal that he has especially men as in the churches in Jamaica you have more women he wants to build up the men that they could be leaders in their house in the church and in society in general he was reading a book about Men's Ministry pastor Hines is really passionate about the things of God so far he says that they have baptized three male in the church since the start of this year and he was excited about that but he wants to do more to reach more people for Christ it was a great day visiting with him and hearing his heart

Visit with Pastor Hines

Visit with Pastor Claude Williams

by Fitzroy Fowler | May 19, 2023

Myself Hughroy and Lorna Clark visit Pastor Claude Williams of The Grace Baptist Church circuit it was another wonderful visit as Pastor is always jovial and always excited to see us as we went to talk with him we were checking in on him about his church family and also for him as we chatted about his church family he's always eager to share what is going on at each of his church there is growth but there is also a lot of needs is church in Jack's River they still need the building to be completed there they have been working just before COVID-19 and that building and it is nowhere close to completion right now he wants to make sure that he get that Building completed before his retirement he was also telling us that is greatest Focus right now is to grow the church spiritually and numerically because they have been locking in that area and he would love to see growth in that area of his people he said that there's a lot to be done still but nevertheless he still feel comfortable that even if he wasn't there his leaders could carry out the task he told us that one of his greatest desire is to see the growth in people as they progress spiritually and numerically in their life he is also a farmer he was just coming back from the farm when we went there and he gave us some fresh bananas and some mangoes as well we were really grateful for them Pastor is one that is really outspoken and is telling me that he's doing well I spoke to him about his health he said he hasn't been to the doctor this year so I told him that it would be good if he got a check up just to know what his status is but he was saying that he's doing good but nevertheless he's going to do the check-up just the same so I told him that I would request the medical for him to do the checkup and he agrees he did not tell me when he's going to do it though so I will have to talk to you more about when he's going to go do his check up pastor's been around PPM for a long time and he is one of the partners that we love to visit and that is always happy to see us we have with prayer Pastor after which we take or leave it was sometime after 6:00 when we left pastor  but it was a really great visit

Visit with Pastor Claude Williams

Pastor Travis Drummond

by Fitzroy Fowler | May 19, 2023

Today myself Hughroy and Lana Clark  visit pastor Travis Drummond he was excited as always whenever we turn up at his church he was just dressing casually as he normally do whenever he's home and was just talking to one of his friends when we got there he then greeted us and we went into his office too talk about about this church family and also how he is doing he was excited to share that they have been doing good and that they have been doing a lot over the past year at all his churches they have been a lot of upgrades which they have been doing building projects to the different churches he was even saying to me that I would not recognize one of the churches as they have done so much work there he was also talking to us about his passion and vision for this year as is focus is on the children ministry at the church as he was saying the children is the future and without them the church will die so they are focusing on children ministry for this year to evangelize the children and to also minister to those that are not saved he did not have a definite target of how many children they want to reach this year but he says that they are trying to reach as much as they can as they acquire a new building that need a lot of fixing up but that is where they're having their children church now he is happy that PPM is able to come alongside him in this initiative that the church is doing we also went and look at upcoming projects that they have there at the church there's a project that they have that they will be paving the outside of the church the walkway and driveway as well that whenever it rains it would not be muddy they have a lot of new project that will be coming up including the refurbishing of the building that they're using for the children's church He's looking forward to the continuance of the partnership with PPM we still just hang out and chat with him for a while after which we prayed and was on our way pastor is young and vibrant and is always on the minister field he will be looking to go back to school again to get his masters and ministry it was a really great visit with pastor

Pastor Travis Drummond

Visit with pastor St. Carisburke Earle

by Fitzroy Fowler | May 11, 2023

We have a wonderful visit with pastor Earl today myself and Huhgroy Jackson talked with pastor Earl about just things that is going on in his life his family in his church family as well and also what is new with him he told me that you will be taking a respite in August with his family and also that they are continuing on the work that they are doing in the church he said that they have great leader in the church that they train that is able to do whatever they need to do to make the ministry of success he has great youth leaders he has great ministers there in general and that they are looking to go to a different community to also minister he said that it has been on his heart from last year and he want to see come to fluition this year so there are things in the woodwork that is going to take place and God is going to be glorified through everything that they're doing he really love the idea of the 365 how we get to help to encourage him and his wife that we come and visit them from time to time there are definitely looking forward to the teams that are coming down and what God is going to do we prayed and then went on our way

Visit with pastor St. Carisburke Earle

Years of Partnership

by Cathy Kirk | February 27, 2023

We had a great visit with Pastor Earle today while preparing for our team's arrival from Belmont University.  

The team is coming alongside Pastor Earle with concrete work on a new classroom for the Basic School they have on their property.  Since the school was built for children in the community, it has outgrown its space. The classroom will also be used on Sunday mornings for children's church.

We could not be more excited to serve alongside Pastor Earle and to continue adding to his vision for his church, school, and community. 

Years of Partnership

Partner meeting

by Fitzroy Fowler | February 2, 2023

It was wonderful meeting with pastor Earl and his wife today; we talked about his vision for the year, and where God is leading them.  They say God has been so faithful to them, and even though they have plans for what they would love to accomplish for the year nevertheless they are letting God lead them in that direction.  Please continue to pray for our 365 partners as they continue to be the beacon of light in their community.

Partner meeting

2023 Here We Come

by Cathy Kirk | January 11, 2023

We are so excited to have 2 of our amazing Pastors fully funded for our 365 program.  We cannot wait to begin pouring into them with these wonderful benefits they have available.  

We are moving forward with a conference for our Pastors and their wives.  We will spend a special time of preparing and praying for the future arrival of our teams this year.  We will spend time in worship, sharing of the word and enjoying a meal together.  

We couldn't be more excited to see what God has in store for Jamaica in 2023.

Moving Forward

by Cathy Kirk | November 30, 2022

Our partnering pastors in Jamaica are super excited to move forward with their ministries and partnerships with PPM.  It has been a long 2 years with no teams due to covid.

They are ready for teams to return to their churches and communities to spread the love of Christ and build long-term relationships with everyone they serve.  

We have begun sharing about PPM365 with our partners and they couldn't be more excited to be a part of this amazing program.

PPM365 in Jamaica

by Anna Morgan | October 28, 2022

PPM has been present in Jamaica since 2008. The relationships that have been forged with pastors, churches, and communities are rich. We are so excited to launch PPM365, an incredible initiative, here in order to care for our pastors and partners at an even deep level! 

Be a part of the launch team for Jamaica! Sponsor a church today.

PPM365 in Jamaica

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Our 365 Day Approach

PPM365 is a continuous effort to build up, encourage, and assist the local Church 365 days a year. By sponsoring a church's involvement in this program, pastors and ministry leaders will receive local support, training, and encouragement, leading to transformed communities in the name of Christ. Three areas of focus work in unison to accomplish this intentional effort.


The Local Church is the catalyst for reaching our world for Christ. It is God's master plan - to use His people to love and serve our world, sharing the Good News of grace by faith to all people.


An investment in a pastor is an investment in the Church. When pastors are healthy, both spiritually and physically, they are most able to lead a healthy, vibrant congregation


Communities benefit when the local church is thriving. From support and care to meeting physical needs; a healthy Church is vital to a community.

We estimate it will cost PPM $2400 per year ($200/month) to fund one partner in this program. A sponsorship allows for donors to personally support the care and ongoing ministry in a location.

Program Promises for our PPM365 Partners

  • Consistent Care

  • Aid in Emergencies

  • Relational Network & Training

  • Empowerment to go

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