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PPM365 Costa Rica

PPM365 is a continuous effort to build up, encourage, and assist the local Church 365 days a year

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Prayers are Super Important

by Erik Gonzalez | June 21, 2023

Pastor Amado and family are very thankful because Good through the PPM 365 program have been able to receive treatment, and they all are feeling better every day! This picture was taken on the last day of the trip and he said "Please keep us in your prayers" 
Prayers are Super Important

Haircut from a Pastor

by Erik Gonzalez | June 21, 2023

Recently we had a trip to Costa Rica, the Church from Newcastle, Oklahoma, serve one more year in Talamanca; one afternoon after all the ministry, as always, Pastor Garrett did some haircuts, which was a special one. Pastor Amado (Local Pastor) said I have been waiting for you and this moment for three months! I wanted a haircut from My Brother Pastor.

Haircut from a Pastor

God knows everything!

by Erik Gonzalez | April 17, 2023

Pastor Jesus last Friday was one of the 365 Pastors that attended the regional meeting in Parrita; he shared with us how awesome God is and that He never stops blessing them with what they need. Last Sunday, as a church, we started a program for the leaders, and now we have all these materials to use and work with them. How awesome is God that he takes care of everything!

God knows everything!

Regional Meeting in Parrita

by Erik Gonzalez | April 17, 2023

We had a fantastic time with 5 Pastors that are part of PPM 365 last Friday. They were encouraged and received some material to work and prepare their leaders at church. They all shared how they will use the material and how thankful they are for the time and resources invested in the training.

Regional Meeting in Parrita

Visit to Pastor Guillermo and officially in PPM 365

by Connie Mairena | March 10, 2023

Pastor Guillermo and his wife, Shirley, are new to PPM 365; they are so happy to know PPM and the care they do for the Pastor they serve. 

Pastor Guillermo is always on the go; every day has a ministry and activity, a way they are serving. Pastor loves the idea of connecting with other pastors and being able to learn from them. They are ministries that the church is doing really well, but he knows there are other ministries that he can learn and improve. 

Visit to Pastor Guillermo and officially in PPM 365

God of Miracles

by Erik Gonzalez | January 18, 2023

Just 6 Months ago, Pastor Daniel here in Costa Rica shared the unfortunate news about his health, It was a severe issue, and of course, we joined them in prayers. Last Pastor's Conference, all the Pastors prayed for him, and recently he went to see the Dr and received the awesome news. He is excellent. The Dr does not understand what happened, but we do! God Happened

God of Miracles

God provided for us!

by Erik Gonzalez | January 18, 2023

For years PPM Costa Rica has been working with Pastor Gerardo and Nelson, but the new PPM program PPM 365 was launched in Costa Rica. God provided through the program and made it possible for Pastors Gerardo and Nelson to attend the annual training they always wanted, but it was hard for them because of the price! 

The training will be on January 27,28, and 29. They are so thankful to be part of it and receive it. 

God provided for us!

Pastor's Conference- PPM365

by Fiorella Villafuerte | November 22, 2022

We had a fantastic time in CR sharing, caring, and loving our Pastors. We officially launched PPM365, and all pastors shared the same feeling: This Program was born in God's heart! 

He knows the pastors, and in 2023, God wants to remind every 365 partners of the love He has for each of them. 

Pastor's Conference- PPM365

Costa Rica Pastors' Conference

by Anna Morgan | November 14, 2022

We recently held our annual pastors' conference in Costa Rica. This year was all about launching PPM365 in our country.  We were so thrilled to invite the 26 partners that will be part of PPM365. We shared about the heart, purpose, and promises of the program. 

Pastor Silver, the Nicaragua PPM365 Program Manager, also attended that conference as our ministry speaker! What a cool picture of uniting the local church on a global level. 

Costa Rica Pastors' Conference

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Our 365 Day Approach

PPM365 is a continuous effort to build up, encourage, and assist the local Church 365 days a year. By sponsoring a church's involvement in this program, pastors and ministry leaders will receive local support, training, and encouragement, leading to transformed communities in the name of Christ. Three areas of focus work in unison to accomplish this intentional effort.


The Local Church is the catalyst for reaching our world for Christ. It is God's master plan - to use His people to love and serve our world, sharing the Good News of grace by faith to all people.


An investment in a pastor is an investment in the Church. When pastors are healthy, both spiritually and physically, they are most able to lead a healthy, vibrant congregation


Communities benefit when the local church is thriving. From support and care to meeting physical needs; a healthy Church is vital to a community.

We estimate it will cost PPM $2400 per year ($200/month) to fund one partner in this program. A sponsorship allows for donors to personally support the care and ongoing ministry in a location.

Program Promises for our PPM365 Partners

  • Consistent Care

  • Aid in Emergencies

  • Relational Network & Training

  • Empowerment to go

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