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PPM365 Turkey

PPM365 is a continuous effort to build up, encourage, and assist the local Church 365 days a year

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Relief from the Heat!

by Nathan Norman | June 30, 2023

Our partners visited an earthquake zone in an area called Hatay.  With many people living in tents or converted metal containers, the heat is overwhelming in this season!  PPM365 was able to purchase and deliver fans to help provide simple relief in the temporary shelters!  

Relief from the Heat!

PPM365 Moving Forward!

by Nathan Norman | June 28, 2023

We are excited to announce that we are moving forward with launching PPM365 in Turkey!  We have found a trusted individual in Istanbul that is willing to partner with us to be our boots on the ground to care for our parnters.  We believe God is up to something BIG in Turkey to see pastors and churches built up, encouraged, and assisted 365 days a year!

The Needs Continue

by Nathan Norman | May 26, 2023

Even though many months have passed since the earthquake, the needs in Turkey have not ended.  Our partners in Antakya (Antioch) continue to be a source of hope daily.  They are constantly passing out resources that have been donated from around the world.  From hygiene products to food, there is not a thing that goes wasted. 

Would you commit to pray for Turkey?  We are in need of 8 more Church Champions in order to begin PPM365 here!


The Hope!

by Nathan Norman | April 19, 2023

Although the Church in Turkey is small, they are mighty and not scared!  The Church is not being timid, oftentimes publicly sharing sermons on Facebook and youtube.  The Christian radio station proclaims the Gospel all around Turkey, with local pastors sharing there as well.

So what is happening?  Young people are coming to Christ.  Many times they risk being kicked out of their homes and losing jobs because of their decision to live for Jesus.  This takes a bold faith.  

There is hope in Turkey, it's rising and revival will follow!

The Hope!

The Hurt

by Nathan Norman | April 13, 2023

Imagine hundreds of apartment highrises up to 30 stories tall across multiple cities, all uninhabitable.  Many are empty, with foundations cracked, while others are totally crumbled to the ground.  Imagine thousands of people evacuating the city to better shelter as theirs is destroyed or deemed not safe.

Unfortunately, that is the reality of southern Turkey.  

One pastor and his wife in Antioch recounted the terror of losing 350 of their neighbors out of 400.  Not only that, their entire church body has left the city leaving these 2 as the only "Church" members remaining from their congregation.

The projection for the physical rebuilding of the cities is years away.  Trauma, fear, anxiety, depression, and everyone asking "why?" is now normal in Turkey.

Turkey is in mourning, but we know there is hope ahead!

The Hurt

Join the PPM365 Launch in Turkey!

by Nathan Norman | March 10, 2023

With the earthquakes that killed over 45,000 people, thousands of buildings destroyed, and countless people injured, it is time for the Church to rise in the "unreached" country of Turkey.  

We believe that the best strategy for helping Turkey during this time of tragic loss is to build up, encourage and assist the  local Church.  The local Church is the hope of the world because of what Jesus Christ has done for us!  With only 0.2% of the population claiming Christianity, the task is large.

Our desire as PPM is to help the local Church shine like never before.  We are praying that this season of trauma and loss turns to a season of hope and revival among this primarily Muslim nation.

Join us as we launch PPM365 in Turkey by cheering on the local Church as they bring hope to the hopeless.  We are working hard to identify people of peace to help us launch this ministry, pioneered by our very own PPM staff member who is from Turkey.  

Love always wins and hope does not disappoint.  Would you consider partnering with us to become the first sponsors for PPM365 in Turkey so that we can help strengthen the local Church?

Join the PPM365 Launch in Turkey!

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Our 365 Day Approach

PPM365 is a continuous effort to build up, encourage, and assist the local Church 365 days a year. By sponsoring a church's involvement in this program, pastors and ministry leaders will receive local support, training, and encouragement, leading to transformed communities in the name of Christ. Three areas of focus work in unison to accomplish this intentional effort.


The Local Church is the catalyst for reaching our world for Christ. It is God's master plan - to use His people to love and serve our world, sharing the Good News of grace by faith to all people.


An investment in a pastor is an investment in the Church. When pastors are healthy, both spiritually and physically, they are most able to lead a healthy, vibrant congregation


Communities benefit when the local church is thriving. From support and care to meeting physical needs; a healthy Church is vital to a community.

We estimate it will cost PPM $2400 per year ($200/month) to fund one partner in this program. A sponsorship allows for donors to personally support the care and ongoing ministry in a location.

Program Promises for our PPM365 Partners

  • Consistent Care

  • Aid in Emergencies

  • Relational Network & Training

  • Empowerment to go

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