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Puerto Rico Earthquakes

PPM Disaster Response: Puerto Rico Earthquakes

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Beginning on December 28, a series of earthquakes began on the island of Puerto Rico, ranging from a 2.5 to 6.4 on the Richter scale. The areas most affected are Guanica, Guayanilla, and Ponce, all of which are in the southern region of the island. With the sheer amount of seismic activity experienced there over the course of several weeks, many building structures have been compromised and many homes have been damaged or destroyed. 

The Praying Pelican Missions local and stateside staff have been in constant communication with our partnerships there, and they have been relaying information about the state of the affected areas. As we receive updates, we will post them here.

We will be accepting teams to serve with local church partnerships there to assist with recovery efforts, and our prayers are with everyone in the affected areas.

Updates From The Field

February 12th Update

by Meghan Freza | February 12, 2020 7:49 PM

Over the past week, there have continued to be consistent earthquakes in the southern part of the island. Thankfully, the intensity of these earthquakes haven’t been as strong, mostly staying under a 5.0-magnitude.

On February 4th, there was a 5.3-magnitude earthquake off the southwest coast of Puerto Rico, hitting the same area that has been affected most during the past month. This one was felt in that southern area, but no damage has been reported. 

We have heard of many people leaving the southern region out of fear or because of damage to their homes. Beyond the physical damage that has taken place, people have struggled both mentally and emotionally due to living in constant fear of when the next earthquake or tremor will occur. 

We are continuing to pray for the earthquakes to cease. We are praying that, in fearful times, the Puerto Rican people can be reminded of the Lord’s peace, protection, and the comfort He brings into all circumstances. We are praying for our partner pastors as they continue in their ministry. We are ultimately believing the Lord has this whole situation and this island in His hands. 

We still need teams to partner with churches throughout the whole island, including in the affected South. If you are interested in bringing a team down to specifically help out with the areas affected by the earthquakes, please  register on our website. There is also an option to donate on our page if you are interested in that as well! These donations go directly to our partner pastors who use that to help their communities. 

February 12th Update

January 30th Update

by Drema Jefferson | January 30, 2020 9:47 PM

The last significant earthquake that hit Puerto Rico occurred this past Saturday, January 25th, at a 5.0 magnitude just outside of Indios. Many in the area continue to reside in tents as a result of fear relating to local houses and buildings that have collapsed in the past several weeks.  The main areas that have been affected by these earthquakes are in the southwest, mostly in Guayanilla and Guanica. Thankfully, the Ponce area was not affected by this last earthquake, but there are reports of significant damage from the earthquakes over the past two months. 

This past Tuesday, January 28th, a 7.7 magnitude earthquake occurred off the coast of Lucea, Jamaica. That particular quake was felt in Grand Cayman, Haiti, and Cuba. Let’s continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ across all of the Caribbean islands. Please be in prayer for protection, peace, and safety in Puerto Rico and in the Caribbean in general as the tectonic plates continue to shift. 

We will need teams to come and serve in all affected areas, and to be a part of the recovery process in the southwest region of Puerto Rico. If you are interested in leading a team to serve in those areas affected by the earthquakes, you can register your team on our website for any of our open summer dates. You can also get involved by donating on this page. All funds will go toward our partners, pastors, and communities that are assisting their local communities in the aftermath of the recent earthquakes. Thank you so much for your prayers, your willingness to serve, and your generosity.

January 30th Update

Initial Puerto Rico Update

by David Figueroa | January 22, 2020 6:08 PM

Since December 28, 2019, the south side of our island has been impacted by a series of earthquakes that have shaken the people of Puerto Rico and made significant damage on houses, bridges, and offices in towns like Ponce, Guanica, Guayanilla, Yauco, Maricao, and many others. The biggest one occurred on January 6th at 4:30 am. It was a 6.4-magnitude quake that did major damage to the southern region. It destroyed the biggest power plant in the south, “Costa Sur,” which will take nearly a year to be fixed.

The effect of the earthquakes is a hard reality for many to face, as Puerto Ricans are still recovering from the damage done by Hurricane Maria in 2017. People are afraid of nightfall as that is when it mostly shakes, and many people sleep outside in the open because they are afraid of sleeping indoors. People have commented on public forums that they felt the ground shake, but ask, “Is it shaking or am I imagining it?" Stress, depression, and worry are very high right now.

Even so, amidst the tragedy and suffering, Puerto Ricans show heart and strength, and we've seen the love of Christ through our church partners and pastors. I personally have been a witness to how many pastors and churches have united from the northern part of the island to help the affected areas to bring food, water, clothing, psychological help, and toys for kids. One of our PPM teams serving on the island was able to contribute and help as well. I have also been privileged to talk to many of my PPM friends from previous trips who, from the States, have sent their love, prayers, and also want to send support.

Right now, the greatest needs are funds for things like hygiene kits, diapers, blankets, batteries, and lanterns. More than 500 homes have been either destroyed or compromised. But we don’t lose hope! Most of our people are strong and recognize the need to remain steadfast in faith. We need people that can lift us up in prayer and can help with donations.

Every little bit helps to make a difference. Our island may shake, but our people remain firm and strong!

Initial Puerto Rico Update

Terremoto del Día de Reyes

by Christian Rivera | January 22, 2020 6:08 PM

There has been more than 300 earthquakes registered since December 28. The "Terremoto del Día de Reyes" and the aftershocks has changed drastically the life in the south of the island. Guayanilla (21,559 inhabitants), Yauco (41,486 inhabitants) and Ponce (145,278 inhabitants) are some of the towns affected by these quakes, being right next to the epicenter. But, this has affected many more towns, like Peñuelas, Adjuntas, Sabana Grande, Maricao, Lares and Jayuya. I was meeting one of our partners in Hatillo, the north side of the area, in a store which had cracked windows due to the aftershocks. 

The whole island has moved to help their fellow citizens, and it is something to see people having survived Maria and still in an economical crisis just pour themselves into the south of the island to help. Pastor Elvis, one of our partners that has his church on the north can not hold any more services in his building now because it is filled with cracks. However, this hasn't impeded his trips to the south to give provisions and hope.  Regardless, there are still communities in the mountains that haven’t been reached, and the people in the southern area are very scared.

We were taught what to do in an earthquake since elementary. We practiced drills and evacuations. What we were not prepared for was the constant sense of fear after the aftershocks.

Please help us to pray over the island as more aftershocks are expected. If you can, donate. We need help in the impromptu shelters for hygiene, food, and the areas affected by the Costa del Sol generator that was damaged. If God leads you, come with a team and help us share the Hope that is Jesus in a community that lives in constant fear. 

"There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear."

1 John 4:18 ESV

Terremoto del Día de Reyes

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