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When a mission base becomes a local church?

When a mission base becomes a local church?

When a mission team moves off the base and into the local church there is no separation. Suddenly the hardships, the joys, the passions, and the compassions of the local church become theirs.

Mike Rhoades | Feb 3, 2016

Every Sunday during the fall, millions of people watch football in the United States. Massive stadiums are packed with 70, 80, even 100 thousand screaming fans. They are part of the spectacle. The other 10 million people watching at home benefit from the excitement of the fans in the stands. Ask any rabid fan and they will tell you there's nothing like being at the game. The sights. The smells. The deafening sounds. The experience is incredible but ask any football player and they are quick to point out it doesn’t compare to being on the field. It’s not unlike the missions world. Millions of people watching online, giving money to different causes. Crazy thing, watching at home really has little impact on a person’s life. Engaged from home is a relatively low level commitment. Our loyalties only run so deep. Enhance the quality of your video, photography, or digital experience all you want, it’s still distant from a person’s everyday life. There is a degree of separation that makes it all less real. When a person decides to actually attend a mission experience they become more invested. The cost is greater. The sights, sounds, and smells are no longer digital but visceral. Getting up close to the work of God provides a different level of engagement. Each night when the team returns to the base to revisit the work they had done that day they share in the emotion of the moment. However, just like the fans at a football game, there is still a separation between the field and the spectator. Some call it voluntourism, others just call it destructive. The experience is still impactful and, in most cases, still warrants the investment but it’s still not the same as being “on the field.” So what’s next? Go all in, invest fully, put in the work and get “on the field.” When a mission team moves off the base and into the local church there is no separation. Suddenly the hardships, the joys, the passions, and the compassions of the local church become theirs. Sure, the mission field is the same but the posture is different. The posture of a player is way different than that of a fan. A player has worked, sacrificed, and fought to earn the right to be on that field. Things are personal. When the mission base becomes the local church things get personal. When you walk the streets with the pastor, sleep and eat in the community, it gets personal fast. When they church becomes the mission base, there is no separation, just community and faith. Check out our Mission Trip Journals


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