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TOGETHER. Pastor Ryan’s Story.

TOGETHER. Pastor Ryan’s Story.

Pastor Ryan Forbes is a light and a leader, committed to the ministry God has called him to. He began pastoring his community on the island of Abaco in 2018, serving a congregation of 105 people. Alongside pastoring, Ryan is an experienced contractor.

Annie Bost | Apr 13, 2020

Pastor Ryan Forbes is a light and a leader, committed to the ministry God has called him to. He began pastoring his community on the island of Abaco in 2018, serving a congregation of 105 people. Alongside pastoring, Ryan is an experienced contractor.

Last September, when Hurricane Dorian hit, Ryan was home with his wife and two young children. They weathered the devastating winds as a family, witnessing first-hand as their home, church, and much of their surrounding community was destroyed. They, along with many who had survived the storm, were evacuated to Nassau, where there was better infrastructure to help those who had lost their homes and livelihoods. Many Abaconians who were displaced to Nassau are still there. However, after only a couple of months, Ryan felt a strong call to come back with his family to Abaco to be available to the ministry God was going to do and to help with the rebuilding process.

Throughout the last five months, Ryan has been active in the community, helping those who are working to rebuild homes, businesses, and churches, as well as pastoring those who had returned to the island. He has seen God move in mighty ways and is slowly rebuilding his ministry and is praying for a way to rebuild his home. The church, now 30 people after the hurricane, meets in a tent on the site where the church used to be. He has been an incredible source of encouragement to those around him who, like him, lost so much. It is an unprecedented time in his ministry to share the truth of God’s love and care for His people.

Even now, in the midst of concerns related to COVID-19, Pastor Ryan and his leaders are hard at work. With many on Abaco still out of work and trying to recover from the hurricane seven months ago, the lockdowns and social distancing orders are only exacerbating issues that many were facing already. Last week, his church got permission from local authorities and distributed food and other household supplies from the church tent to anyone in the community that needs them. In addition, they also cooked and distributed a hot meal for 100 people. All this while beginning to conduct online church services.

We are so grateful for the work that Pastor Ryan does and are excited to continue to partner with him through this season and in the future. Pastors like Ryan are why we exist - to support and encourage the ministry and heart of leaders like this across the world.

PPM believes that when the Church is united, God does incredible things. Our organization partners with local churches and ministries throughout the world, encouraging and assisting them as they serve their communities. These partners are on the front lines, serving sacrificially and sharing God's love relentlessly. This is our heartbeat. TOGETHER.


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