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Reconnecting With Our Creator

Reconnecting With Our Creator

Maybe the lesson is simple. Our souls are designed to be connecting to the creation and the Creator. When we become disconnected from either, we lose a little bit of balance in our lives.

Mike Rhoades | Sep 23, 2015

A group of us Pelicans were sitting in a small room at the Open Denver conference listening to a local mountain guide talk about Nature Deficit Disorder. He called it, Creation Deficit Disorder in reference to the Creator of the creation, but he borrowed largely from the concept originated by Richard Louv in his book, Last Child in the Woods. It’s a fascinating topic. Predominately the medical community is using medicine to treat the growing number of social and psychological disorders among youth and adults. However, a small faction noticed a correlation between the rise in behavioral problems and the decreased time people are spending outdoors. In the missions world we’ve talked for years about the power of “getting out of your normal routine.” There is something powerful when you remove yourself from everyday routines and spend extended time focused on something. It’s why we still attend conferences rather than simply live-streaming them. It’s why Sunday mornings in church are still better in person than on a screen. Atmosphere matters more than we realize. Why do people experience God in powerful ways on mission trips or at camp? One reason is the setting removes all the distractions of everyday life, giving a clearer view of Christ. It’s amazing, when we actually pause and focus on God, nothing else really seams as exciting. Could there be a deeper purpose at play here, something more primordial? We are organic by nature. Genesis 2:7 tells of God gathering together dust from the ground to form Adam. The purpose of mankind in this creation story was simple: have relationship with God, reflect His glory on the earth, and take care of creation. A huge part of man’s purpose was to be investing in the care and management of creation. It wouldn’t be too far fetched to conclude the more we live in the virtual and become separated from the natural, the deeper our soul aches for its original purpose. Over the years, people have remarked at the joy people in other countries have in spite of not having much. What if we have been viewing it from the wrong perspective and the ones who didn’t have much were the ones flying into these remote locations? Could it be those who spend more time outdoors, in relationship with people and with nature have been feeding their soul key nutrients which those stuck in “developed” cultures are starving for? Maybe the lesson is simple. Our souls are designed to be connecting to the creation and the Creator. When we become disconnected from either, we lose a little bit of balance in our lives. Maybe part of the reason things like mission trips, camps or retreats impact us so deeply is because our souls receive much needed nourishment. It’s more than a lack of vitamin D from sunlight, it’s a deep and meaningful link between our soul and God’s incredible creation. Maybe it’s time we find ways to get outside and get lost.  


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